The Red Line

FIC/LINK: The Red Line
AUTHOR: WinndSinger
HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT:Edward is an exotic male dancer. Bella is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. Bella pays Edward to belong to her for 2 weeks so she can study him. Things soon get very interesting between them.
HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Bella needs a subject to study for her Psychiatry assignment. So who better then exotic dancer Edward? Because you must be very messed up to be in that line of work. So Bella buys Edward for a solid two weeks to study everything about him. But Edward wants Bella to get her moneys worth, so as she learns about his secrets, he teaches her a few things about herself she didn't know. But what neither of them know is ho 2 weeks together can change their lives.
CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 1 - Stripperward comes into the story fangs baring, chest naked, and shaking his fine behind!!!! Oh to have been Bella in that cage with him!!! =D
CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 33: Judge, Jury and Executioner - So much happens in this chapter...there are quite a few epic chapters for this fic but this one tops them all! You jus have to read it to understand why!

FINAL THOUGHT: Stripperward is hawt!!! He's cocky, in both senses of the word, whereas Bella is so shy. They are a perfect combo! The story is so intense and when you get to understand why Edward is in that line of will blow you away! You really see the horrific lifestyle that Edward lives and some things will make you cringe so badly! Such a good story but and its COMPLETE!


This is in my top ten again. The Red Line is my first fic outside of the typical E/B realm where Edward is saving Bella in some way. I read this fic wicked early on my fandom life and the first few chapters were hard to wrap my head around. Solely based on the my limited fan fiction experience. 

However, I love the boundaries pushed in this fic. I love Edward's faux confidence and Bella's trust. I love the seedy, underhanded ties that bind Edward to his lifestyle. I think that Thumper (Edward's nickname) is sexy as hell. One minute, I want to be naughty with him and the next I want to cuddle with him.

I was sold the minute Bella took Edward into the dark room and asked him to talk to her. 

My one complaint is that I wish the author would resurface and write the sequel. I wanna know how it progresses.

Eight Days A Week

AUTHOR: 107yearoldvirgin
HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT:Bella Swan needs a Nanny. Edward Cullen needs a job. Accepting the Manny position will change his life forever...and may just help him grow up in the process. Snark, humor, lemons and Edward in a towel. Seduction has never been so juvenile
HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Edward needs a job and finds an advert about a nanny position. He's not all that serious about it but goes along to the interview anyway. To his surprise he earns the job right then and there, no qualification or background checks necessary. He becomes a live-in manny to a boy and girl for a Bella Swan. Both Edward and the kids stumble their way through the day and teach each other about being a grown-up and being a kid.
CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Um the effing Prologue!!! Its so darn HOT!!! Otherwise Chapter 1: Help! Where Edward first meets Bella and gets the manny job.
CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 5: A Taste of Honey - Well there was a revelation here that knocked me on my ass! I so did not see it coming!! :O

FINAL THOUGHT: I LOVE this fic. Its so funny! Edward and the kids are hilarious together and Bella and Edward butt heads to start with, then go through the phase of trying to stay platonic for the sake of the kids. Its really sweet in some scenes that involve the kids and will have you soft as a marshmallow once you read it. A definite must read!! Its not all that heavy on the angst and is nothing like other nanny fics!


This fic is cute and hilarious. 107yearoldvirgin has a way with funny phrases and pop culture references. Edward's references to Don (his penis) or the seual terms he gives the volvo are side splitters. There is a chapter full of things like garbage pail kids and kid sister and it's just awesome! I took a trip down nostalgia lane.

Edward is very playful and Bella is far more serious in this fic as she has had to be responsible for far too long. Personally, I find her character very relatable, which might be why I like this story so much.

Also, there are kids in this fic and I don't feel the need to hurl my Mac or iPhone at the wall while reading like I do with so many other kid fics, which is why I don't read them. The kids in Eight Days a Week aren't bratty or annoying. They're just normal. 

*SPOILER ALERT* the proposal in this fic is by far the cutest and most gush worthy proposal I have read in all my fic days.

A Rough Start

FIC/LINK: A Rough Start

AUTHOR: ItzMegan73

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT:Overnight irresponsible Edward goes from bachelor to father of a 5 yr old. Meanwhile responsible, prepared Bella begins her first job as Kindergarten teacher at Forks Elementary. When irresponsible meets the epitome of responsible, sparks will fly!

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Edward is a bachelor struggling with living from paycheck to paycheck. He leads a dismal life alone. That is until one day, a social worker drops his son off on his door step. A son he never knew existed and a son who had nothing left but him. Both struggle to get to know each other and make ends meet. But with the help of his son's teacher, Ms Bella Swan, Edward realizes that maybe life didn't have to be so bad?

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 3: Under Pressure - The weight of everything that has suddenly happened to Edward takes its toll and there is a case of mistaken identity that just causes a bit of a problem....

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 15: Maneater - Something happens to Edward son and this begins a motion of events that will inevitably bring Bella and Edward closer together.

FINAL THOUGHT: The beginning of this FF is so depressing! I was always so used to Edward being a rich character, so to see him struggling and his strained relationship with his son was heart breaking. You really feel for Bella in this story too. She is so kind hearted but there a fiery bitch inside of her as well. This is a really good fic describing the struggles of life and shows how the generosity of one single person can go a long way.

The Cannabean Betrothal

FIC/LINK: The Cannabean Betrothal

AUTHOR: ItzMegan73

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: Edward has immersed himself in the Cannabean way to ward off the hurt of a life-changing experience; but an unexpected betrothal teaches him how little he knows about life. There is no abuse in this story.

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Bella and Edward live in the Cannabean society. Moving to the small town of Forks, Bella did not have any high hopes for life until she arranged to be courted by a certain male of the Cannabean society. Both get to know each other by following some strict Cannabean rules but aren't rules are meant to be broken?

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 4: A Granted Acquaintance - which is exactly that! Edward is formally introduced to Bella and you start to get a feel of all the rules that they are bound by.

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 11: The Foundation of Trust - Lots of VERY interesting information happens here and E and B may break a rule here ;)

FINAL THOUGHT: I don't usually read religious fics but the Cannabean way of life is so bizarre to me. Its so old fashioned and strict. Permission needs to be grnated for B and E to court each other and they are chaperoned EVERYWHERE! No alone time what-so-ever. It is so formal and so so so innocent!! I feel frustrated for the two of them but it is such a sweet fic! No smut yet but you will be swooning at something as simple as a hand hold!

The University of Edward Masen

FIC/LINK: The University of Edward Masen
AUTHOR: SebastienRobichaud
HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: Edward Masen is the selfish and brooding university professor; Bella Swan is his shy, but determined graduate student. Appearances can be deceiving. Have their paths crossed before?
HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Bella is a sudent at a University in Toronto and her Professor is the rude and cold Edward Masen. Bella is intimidated by the Professor who likes to give her a hard time and seems to think she is an incapable being. But there is something that drawers him to her time and time again. He doesn't know why and she is definitely not pushing him away.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Well I suppose Chapter 1 - Bella meets the Professor and lets say things start off on a very shaky foot.
CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 13 - The truth comes out and Edward is clued in!

FINAL THOUGHT: So I would have given up on this FF after the 2nd chapter because Edward is an ASS! Hes rude and mean to Bella and has a mighty thick rod up his ass! But after the last few updates I must admit that I am liking him a tiny tiny bit more... But he would drive me up the wall with his cold, formal way of talking to Bella. But nevertheless, a very intriguing FF that has us theorizing in twitter for hours!


I adore this fic. I adore it because it's pretentious and eccentric vocabulary is intriguing. The use of art and history is enticing. And the mystery of Edward and Bella from the beginning is alluring. Week after week I left a review asking if Edward suffered from some sort of amnesia and finally the truth came out and it was more interesting than I thought.

I kind of forced 5ctBauble to continue to read this. Along with Leydy, we tag teamed her week after week forcing her not to give up. It's a slow-build fic, so you have to be patient. However, it does update regularly every Saturday so you know you don't have to wait long to find out what happens next.

This story is wrapped in the world of Dante and academia. With lectures and thesis advisors and petulant boys who want more than they are offered. It's written for every girl who ever had a crush on her sexier than normal professor.