Age of Consent: My Summer as a Legal Intern

FIC/LINK: Age of Consent: My Summer as a Legal Intern

AUTHOR: littlesecret84

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: Bella is almost 17 and begins an internship at the Cllalam County District Court one summer. She's infatuated with her boss, Edward, a 26 year old attorney who drives her to and from work. The tension is there on Day 1, let's see where it will take them

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Whilst interning for Edward during the summer, Bella falls for Edward. Th problem is he's almost 10 years her senior. So drama ensues as they try to hide their relationship from all the judging eyes of the world and figure out if they can really make it work.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 4: Navy Blue Sailor Dress. This chapt has both EPOV and BPOV and will leave you squirming in your seat for more!

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: OK there's a few in here...pretty much any chapter that involves the disapproving parentals has an EPIC outcomes!

FINAL THOUGHT: I have to admit Bella in this fic drives me insane! Shes bratty and whiny and walks all over Edward. Edward is annoying too as he is happy to be her door mat. Read it if you dare or if you dont mind an immature 16 yr old Bella.

I actually love Age of Consent. I will agree, that Bella has her whiny moments, but she is 16 and the whiny moments decrease as she gets older. By the end, it's gone. I enjoyed how devoted they are to each other and I found it interesting that Edward is more verbal in his feelings than Bella is. Simply because it's usually reverse, but he is older and more mature and so the idea is that he has a better grip on what he wants. He wants Bella. I also love that they aren't perfect. Edward has student loans and Bella has a hymen. Littlesecret84 is a realistic writer and I think that throws some people off, but I enjoy it. A lot of people had issue with the nearly ten-year age gap, but I love that part. It's also interesting who ends up being the antagonists to their relationship, people you would NEVER expect.

I pick the combo of Chapter 9: New Clothes and Chapter 10: light blue top, dark denim, converse. It's a huge, HUGE turning point and I think these two chapters are what officially sold me on AoC. There is a point in chapter 10 that you'll know it when you read it...*swoon*

Also, there are outtakes for this fanfic and you should read them. I had a hand in influencing the first one, White. However, they are all great.

Fate and Forgotten Secrets

FIC/LINK:Fate and Forgotten Secrets
AUTHOR: snshyne

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: Back home Bella feels trapped in a loveless relationship. Can she be saved? Will Bella's pain and Edward's secret push them together or tear them apart? Is love enough? Rating: M, violence, AH, E/B, canon pairings. *future lemons*

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Bella is broken after a bad breakup and is surprised to find comfort in Edward. The beginning is so emotional and the author makes you want to swoop in and be Bellas white knight. Alice is a crack up with her love of designer gear.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapt 9: Betrayal. OMG!! No words!! The author will have you screaming and crying and determined to stick with the fic to see how things play out.

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: This fic is only 16 chapts in and so far Chapt 9 is the most EPIC chapter. Warning, not for the faint hearted or those that enjoy Fluffy,fluffy fics. You want to murder a certain someone by the end of this chapt!!

FINAL THOUGHT: It takes a little bit for E and B to find each and they still aren't together yet but im sure the suspense will be worth it! The drama is fantastic and realistic so this is a must read fic!


AUTHOR: lambcullen

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: Bella's inheritance - an old house once owned by Granddad Aro. However, she is surprised to find an unexpected house guest living there. He knows her, but who the hell is he? OOC AH Lemons...Fluff...the usual

SO Bella is trying to put her life back together again after some personal problems and does so by going to live in the middle of nowhere to 'find herself'. But of course E will complicate things for her.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapt 1!! The way E is introduced into the fic is just heavenly ;)

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Considering this is still a new fic I dont think we have reached an epic chapter yet so i will have to get back to you...

FINAL THOUGHT: Definitely a must read fic! The witty banter surrounded in sexual tension may may you combust whilst reading!

Honestly, anything by lambcullen is pure gold! But there is something about Tides that is like that flawless gold you can only imagine; the stuff you read about in Disney fairy tales. Erectionward is just beyond marvelous. He's dominant, but in a kind way that is easy to see right off the bat. He's compassionate and thoughtful. I mean, he really cares about Bella. It's not just the typical sex with him that is so common in so much fanfic. And surprise, Bella is not annoying!! Poor thing, she has some issues that I really hope she can work through. This Bella is strong and it's fun to watch it develop. If I had to pick an 'epic chapter' it would be Chapter 13: Memories. Go read it and find out why.

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