Paper CutOuts

FIC/LINK: Paper CutOuts

AUTHOR: TwistedCoincidence and Astillbe13

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: Bella prefers the virtual to the actual, but feels herself being tugged from the safety of her online realm into the world of a rough edged Edward.

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Bella sees herself as boring and uninteresting preferring the company of her FB friends rather than anyone she can physically see. All she ever wanted was for someone to share her story and she finds it with someone she never would have expected.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 2 - Edward life is not what you think and its the first time B and E a pretty funny/awkward manner too =D

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 24 - The way the chapter starts to the way it ends is a total slap in the face! If you blink you could miss the drama!

FINAL THOUGHT: This is such a sweet story about two ordinary people, living their mundane lives, hoping to find someone to share their story but not actively looking. But it takes just one meeting to begin a story. Daddyward is awesome!!!! I love Finn! Its such a real relationship, with no theatrical drama from the outside world, its all about two people who write themselves a new story together.

Under the Apple Tree

FIC/LINK: Under the Apple Tree

AUTHOR: Danieller123

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: Sometimes love that hurts can heal

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Bella is a working girl that strips for a living but this is not a possibility anymore once she becomes pregnant. Edward steps in to help her in more ways than Bella could have ever imagined.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 2: Carnival Town - The first chapter is a quick look into Bella's life and mind but this chapter is where she first bumps into Edward. Her life seems so dismal but Edward helps to bring a little light to it.

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 46: By the Grace - a BIG decision is made here and its a very epic chapter for Bella.

FINAL THOUGHT: The writing style fo this fic is amazing!! But you do need to read quite a few fics before you can appreciate the different style. This chapters are short and the fic is complete but the story really sticks with you. I couldn't put this one down and read it very quickly! Its the sweetest Edward I have EVER read! Its just brilliant!

For the Summer

FIC/LINK For The Summer

AUTHOR: Camoozle

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT:Every year Bella waits for the 'Pay Checks' to roll into her sleepy river town and every year Edward's hers, just for the summer.

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: 17 years. 17 Summers. Can you ever be more than just 'friends' when you see each other for two months out of a year? This FF chronicles 17 summers from Edward and Bella beginning when they are 11.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 2: That Time I Left First - The prologue peaks your interest, Ch 1 sets the scene and this chapter gets the ball rolling. Its the first time Bella realizes Edward is not a one-time0summer friend, he comes back! They are so young and innocent and just so cute!!

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Serious heartbreak chapters...Chapter 8: That Time You Brought Your Friends - Edward bursts their summer bubble with his friends from home...and Chapter 10: That Time You Brought the Skank - the chapter title is self explanatory but theres this one HAVE to read it!!! =O

FINAL THOUGHT: I was HOOKED on this fic! Its complete and I powered through it in under 2 days! I could have done it in less if I could ignore RL! The entire fic is BPOV and each chapter is a new summer! Its a fantastic journey through their lives where they experience first kisses, first loves, first break-ups....its just EPIC! Love love loved it!!! =D