AUTHOR: FictionFreak95

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: After years of running away, Edward Cullen finds himself back at his family's home in Napa Valley vineyard. What should have been a short trip and quick sell of an old run down crop turns into one of the hardest decisions he never though he'd have to make.

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Edward joined the army to escape his family, his past, and the vines. But when tragedy strikes and Edward has to return home, he realizes running away a second time may not be as easy as he thought. 

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 5 - Clean Flavor. Edwards first encounter with Bella wasn't what people would call smooth and in this chapter he gets another go around. Their interaction is so cute but hilarious as Bella is trying to deny the obvious attraction.

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 19 - Thin Line. This chapter is a bit of a rollercoaster. Its set at a festival and we get cute and fun Bella and Edward moments with their friends but where Edward is, there's always trouble. There's a surprise appearance and some fists are thrown!

FINAL THOUGHT: Army/VineWard and his Pie Girl are awesome! (Bella gives him a cute nickname too but you have to read to find out!) Edward was going back to a home he ran away from just to tie up loose ends and then he hoped to escape again. He expected nothing from the trip but gained so much. Its a really good drama/humor fic. Oh and the author gives out nifty little info about wines at the end of each chapter :)