Dear Mr Masen

FIC/LINK: Dear Mr Masen

AUTHOR: jendonna

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: "Error 434: Reprimanding an executive" Life changing or just stupid? Dear Mr Masen: A story of unauthorized internet usage, culinary delights and the goings-on at Cullne Inc.

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Bella's passion in life is cooking. Yet she's working in IT at a big corporation trawling for unauthorised internet usuage. But when she reprimands the CFO (soon to be CEO) Mr Masen for looking up recipes, she inadvertently starts up a friendship about food.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 1 - Honestly, if you are not laughing throughout this and clicking that 'next chapter' button as quick as you can...I don't understand!

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 17. Things go both uphill and downhill from this point forward

FINAL THOUGHT: The beginning of this fic is so cute! Its just emails back and forth between Edward and Bella but they are so funny! I'm really glad that they became such good friends before anything happened. Bella is truly the yin to Edward's yang.