Let's Get Physical

FIC/LINK: Let's Get Physical

AUTHOR: Lalina

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT: The Goal: Lose 70lbs. The Prize: One steamy night with her personal trainer. When overweight Bella is left by her husband, she is determined to lose weight with the help of Edward Masen. What starts off as payback ends up as so much more.

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: Whats the best revenge on your ex? A smokin hot makeover! Bella joins a gym and is set up with a seemingly reluctant trainer, Edward, but their physical training may get a little more physical then they both expect.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Chapter 2: What do you mean HE? Bella is so self conscious she doesn't want a male trainer. but after meeting Edward, who could say no?

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 29 - Hitting Rock Bottom. The chapter title says it all. Both Edward and Bella hit the bottom in this chapter :(

FINAL THOUGHT: I love how real this author was. She never set the story out to get Bella down to a size 0 and was realistic with the weight loss. She had a really good message about Bella finding herself as she lost the weight. Edward as a sexy trainer was definitely incentive but I love how the two became really close friends before anything else. Great story!


Anonymous said...

I loved this fic. Edward was a real friend to Bella and this fic is more true to life than many others. Read it!