AUTHOR: ChampagneAnyone

HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT:Orphaned at 8, Bella Swan is placed in the care of her God Mother Esme Cullen. Heiress to Cullen Swan Enterprises, Bella grows up hero worshipping 17 year old joint heir, pseudo step brother and self appointed guardian Edward.

HOW I DESCRIBE IT: When Bella is orphaned at 8 and joins the Cullen family, 17 year old Edward is already off to college. Bella has always been the baby of the Cullen family but when Edward returns to celebrate her graduation, he notices she's not so little anymore.

CHAPT THAT WILL SUCK YOU IN: The Prologue - Drama drama drama!!! Edward is announcing his engagement to someone who is NOT Bella. But he had just spent a sordid time in the library with her!?

CHAPT THAT IS EPIC: Chapter 9: Fracture - This chapter is such a rollercoaster! You will be angry, then you will be turned on, then you will be shattered!

FINAL THOUGHT: I normally dont review fics this early but after 9 chapters, this fic has me completely sucked in. Just ask Leydylaura and her lack of sleep due to my constant DM's to her LOL. The whole thing is so hot and cold! Its wonderful!! You would never believe she is a first time writer!


leydylaura said...

LeaRn my lesson- never rec' Jess a fic late at night. Cause she sure can keep me up ! &:&:&38's ksejejjfn lol

Anonymous said...

Whoa, great review! Thank you.

I don't know about callsignC30 but I had a hard time beta-ing Ally's/CA's Chapter 9. The Grad party chapter was also pretty hard to beta.

Team Guardian appreciates your review very much.


Kellie said...

This fic has me rec'ing it to anyone and everyone I can!!
It combines lust, longing and mystery...
A perfect Trifecta!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, love the blog. Lol, it's a very creative idea. I'm not sure if you do this but I have a rec for you to R&R and then if you like do a real write up:

Story Title: False Pretenses
Author: youngandmature
Summary: Edward and Bella hate each other. When everyone has to move schools, both enrol at Forks Boarding Academy in order to escape each other. When fate intervenes they find they can no longer deny the feelings they've spent their lives running away from.